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About Us

Olivia Frank items are designed and made in Bali but the inspiration behind the designs really came from the many journeys Georgina, the founder, has taken around the world.

Once settled in Bali, our founder Georgina decided to live out her dream and start creating the pieces. She worked with local crafts people to achieve the beautiful handmade jewellery pieces. Olivia Frank ensures thoughtful sourcing, fair wages, and give-back initiatives that truly have an impact.

Olivia Frank has 4 Collections with the Signature Collection being the Nazca Collection. Inspired by Nazca Lines in Peru, the Olivia Frank designer Georgina was travelling there and was so inspired by the huge geoglyphs made in the soil of the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. When flying above the desert you can see figures which vary in complexity, varying between simple lines and geometric shapes.

Signature Collection

The various shapes used in the Nazca Collection represent the complexity and complimentary nature of the shapes created in the soil in the desert in Peru. The Nazca Collection features a Together range which focuses on circles as a feature shape. The continuity of a circle symbolises survival, connection, persistence and sustainability with its flowing circular shape.

All of the pieces in the Nazca Collection create synergy and can be worn anytime, any place. Whether it’s a thoughtful addition to your wardrobe, or a sustainable gift for your loved ones, Olivia Frank jewellery is an accessory that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Our founder Georgina Arnold

Georgina settled in Bali with her husband and 2 young children Oliver and Francesca 3 years ago. The Olivia Frank brand and name was born with a play on the names of her children. For as long as she can remember she has adored jewellery, from dressing up with her grandmothers’ jewels to saving her pocket money to buy silver bangles from the local market in Bristolin the UK where she was brought up.

“I think maybe it’s the influence of living abroad as a child, travelling the world and my Danish heritage. I was exposed to the beauty of simplicity and design that has brought me to love and own such an eclectic range of jewellery. It’s always been my dream to design beautiful pieces for others, and finally the time is right. Having met my team of amazing crafts people when I arrived in Bali, I felt it was a sign from the universe to give it a go. From there, Olivia Frank was born.”

With love, Georgina.