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Pyramid - Olivia FrankPyramid - Olivia Frank

    Pyramid ring from the Bohemian Collection looks striking on and its triangle moonstones make it a real stand out ring that you will want to wear everyday. Little drops of pure moonstone joy. Moonstones are...

    Together - Olivia FrankTogether - Olivia Frank

      Together ring from The Nazca Signature Collection is an elegant yet striking with the addition of the Lapis Lazuli stone for a really unique look.   Lapis Lazuli, which is prized for its intense blue...

      Charlotte - Olivia FrankCharlotte - Olivia Frank

        Charlotte ring from the Bohemian Collection is something you will never want to take off with its triangular mother of pearl stone combined with the lapis lazuli stones set either side make it a stunning...

        Entwine - Olivia FrankEntwine - Olivia Frank

          Entwine ring from our Nazca Signature Collection with its entwine finish representing how life's path can twist and turn but being entwined is what fulfils us all. It sits beautifully with the Constance ring with its...

          Constance - Olivia FrankConstance - Olivia Frank

            Constance ring from our Nazca Signature Collection with its consistent smooth curve gives a sense of complete elegance & simplicity that will compliment everything.  An elegant ring symbolising survival, connection, persistence and sustainability with its...