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Aztec - Olivia FrankAztec - Olivia Frank

    Aztec bangle from our Nazca Signature Collection catches  the light with the pyramid cut outs. A classy piece to bring style to any occasion. A beautifully weighted bangle that sits on your wrist without spinning...

    Oceans - Olivia FrankOceans - Olivia Frank

      Oceans bangle from the Bohemian Collection puts a modern twist on a vintage classic. Handmade with ethically sourced local pearls.Our genuine river pearls are hand sourced by local artisans in Lombok Indonesia, famous world wide...

      Tracy - Olivia FrankTracy - Olivia Frank

        Tracy bangle from our Bohemian Collection is so simple yet amazingly striking. This piece was inspired by Olivia Frank's designer who has Danish heritage and was brought up being exposed to the beauty of simplicity...

        Together Duo - Olivia FrankTogether Duo - Olivia Frank
          Together Duo

          Together Duo bangle is the most stunning contemporary bangle which can be worn everyday, two bangles linked together, one curved edge and one flat creates interest and desire. With their flowing circular shape symbolising survival, connection,...

          Entwine - Olivia FrankEntwine - Olivia Frank

            Entwine bangle from our Statement Collection is part of a stunning set which is designed for the woman who loves to make a statement and show her inner flare and beauty. The loop ends really...

            Integrity - Olivia FrankIntegrity - Olivia Frank

            Integrity male bangle from the Bohemian Collection is a solid piece of jewellery that can be worn everyday, with its hammered metal effect it gives a rugged feel yet with its beautiful design it’s a...

            Knot - Olivia FrankKnot - Olivia Frank

              Knot bangle from our Nazca Signature Collection is an easy to wear every day piece with a touch of intrigue with the twisted knot and round ball shaped finishing at either end of the bangle. ...